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We do not take back items once you receive your order. You order from me I do not keep items in my house.

I do have a business permit tax id to sell things.

I have the right to refuse nasty customers. Persons who hack my site will be turned over to the police and be taken to court. This is MY business.

You must be polite to my self and my staff.

We take pride in our customer support system. Send a email at the contact us button and I or my staff will respond to you and fix the problme.

You may use what ever emails there is to be no sex or violence links in my sites this is a clean shop and shopping mall. I have the right to delete you out of my shop.

I am willing to work with any over seas people who want a site or a shop. Must be 21 yrs of age and SERIOUS about it. Must have money to pay me, You must be able to follow instructions and be able to use the computer. You will also need a pay pal account. To be able to pay me and have what you sell go to you with your money you get to keep. Speaking English helps.

I am not responsible if your business fails.

I will teach you how to promote and be in google top 100. I am in top 6 pages.

You WILL need skype its a free down load and we do pc to pc calls free. I am bluebirdte

If you want a shop please contact me and I will help you get started. I do charge a small fee for my time

If you have a shop and want it here contact me and I will explain how to put it here. It will be $2.00 to park monthly.

If you want a shopping mall contact me.

I will have a small fee for my time

I will go the extra mile to help any body. My staff and I are very knowledgeable and we like to help others.


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